Oncology Testing Package

1. Initial oncogenetics consultation

The oncological risk assessment consists of a discussion with the specialist GenTuRo who will request a series of information related to the risk factors involved in the occurrence of cancer. Your doctor will ask questions about your medical history, lifestyle, or environmental exposure. Also, an important thing in the oncological risk assessment is the analysis of the oncological family history with details related to their diagnosis, outlined in the form of a family pedigree. If you are a cancer patient, you will be asked for information about the diagnosis and treatment: the type of cancer (location), the clinical stage, the result of the histopathological examination (biopsy), the treatment recommended by the oncologist, etc. The geneticist may request medical documents that will be uploaded from the patient's account on the GenTuRo platform. Based on the data provided, the doctor will estimate the cumulative risk of cancer, using cancer risk models and will tell you what is needed but also the type of genetic testing that is right for you. Genetic consultation and counseling takes place online in a strictly confidential manner. Medical information, test results, and medical recommendations are provided to you only. You will also be informed of the details of the genetic testing and the confidentiality of the data processed (informed consent).

2. Genetic analysis

Genetic analysis requires a biological sample (saliva). The GenTuRo team will ship the special genetic testing kit to you as soon as possible, along with instructions and details on proper saliva sampling. If you encounter difficulties, a member of our team can assist you by phone or video call. Genetic testing is based on DNA analysis extracted from saliva and uses state-of-the-art sequencing (NGS) technology with extensive analysis of 84 genes involved in breast, ovarian, prostate, small bowel, colon, pancreas, melanoma, thyroid and rare hereditary cancers. The investigation has an accuracy and specificity of 99% and allows the identification of mutations that significantly increase the risk of cancer with a hereditary genetic component. Genetic analysis requires a time of execution and interpretation of the resulting data of 21-30 days.

3. Oncogenetic counseling

Oncogenetic counseling is performed online, also in an intimate and confidential setting. The GenTuRo doctor has over 10 years of expertise in genetic counseling, so you will receive all the information about the result of the genetic test as well as the implications it has on your health. If additional oncological screening measures are needed, your doctor will develop a series of personalized instructions for you in order to perform proper prophylaxis and prevent the onset of cancer. The details of the genetic testing as well as the medical recommendations are summarized in a medical letter that you can download from your account along with the original genetic analysis bulletin.

The cost of the package that includes the above services is

RON 3500